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Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Beginning this one with a quote from a famous music band –

Exactly what keeps me going on with this series! :D

Of all the goodness present in our lives, ‘F’ for me has to be nothing else but FRIENDS...

Yeah....! Surely for some it might rather be the carnal goodness of ‘food’ or some of you out there may also be thinking of something even more raw and intimate... but excuse me please! Let me remind you, whatever you are thinking of is surely more spiced up and fun if you have a special friend to share it with! ;)

So, here we are now thinking about those few special people in our lives...
...those special few who have added a little more sparkle on the dull days... who has been a partner in all crimes... who has never left your side no matter how troubled the waters may be... who has lent you a shoulder to cry...
...and one who has had you splitting into fits with their endless humour!

Some have been there since you can remember, while some are new yet feel so close... Some may have been lost as we have moved on in life... few we miss, few we wouldn’t recognize even if they stood right in front of us!
And then most of us will surely remember just ONE dear old school friend who was meant to be precisely that – a school friend; sheerly forgotten and dumped into the dungeons of memory as soon as we got out of school!

While the varieties of this species is truly extensive and the list can go and on, today let’s just look at ten new shades to describe these valued relations that we make in life – we can’t live without them for sure – cause they Fight for you, Respect you, Include you, Encourage you, Need you, Deserve you, Stand by you and that is why they are called... F.R.I.E.N.D.S. J

Some friends are like ... Chocolate!

While some are like... Stars!

Some friends are like... Perfume!

And some are like... WiFi!

Few friends are like... Diamonds!

Even fewer are like a... Pillow!

Few are like... Google Maps!

And some are like... Vodka!

Some friends are like... Music!

And a really few ones are like... Water!

Ultimately, no matter what kind we have, we never lose our friends... only learn who the true ones are! :)

And also just a feeling that I’d like to share, friends are not the number of contacts we have on Facebook or Twitter... Rather the ones who are there to stand by our side when we really need them the most... Not the ones who remember to wish on your birthday because they were reminded by a notification, rather the ones who forget it completely and then fight with you for a party the day you remind them... Not the ones who like your photographs, rather the ones who are standing beside you making the most funny face in the pic! These are friends – **true to heart and yours in spirit**!!!

And I sure am lucky to have a couple of them to call as mine – ones I can identify as music and vodka, or diamonds and stars... Few but true! And of course there is my all time best friend – the love of my life, 'my hubby' – my soul friend for life who makes me laugh a little harder, cry a little less and smile a lot more! J

So go ahead, and enjoy the lovely friendships you share – whether you indulge into them as chocolate or depend on them as a pillow, be sure they are worth your time ...

... and once you commit to a friend, make sure it lasts like glue –
that’s the only way to be sure that as a friend you are true...!

At the end of the day......

Enjoy with friends and Live it up a little more @ Life720!

***Cheers, buddy!*** ;) :)