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Friday, 4 March 2016


Moving on (and at a very leisurely pace indeed...!) we come to ‘E’.

And well I really had to think for a really long time for this one.... What could I talk about starting from E that is common to each of our lives?!

And then in that moment of extreme obviousness it struck me – the Earth! What else?!

So here we are – ‘E’ for our sweet little sphere of wonder and beauty and novelty and life.... Yeah!
Simply, summing it up... Our ball of Life - The Earth!

Talking about this precious planet of ours, it is but plain obvious to deliberate on its natural resources, and how we humans are greedily hogging and even wasting them with sheer insensitivity. It is even easier to start preaching about conserving and protecting the planet’s environment and extending its viability for future generations to come.
But this particular post is not going that way, my dear friend.

Life720 aims at bringing a little more positivity to your day – a little more joy, a little more fascination, a little more hope and a little more magic! So we’re just going to stick to something nice and wonderful to ponder on.... How about some absolutely amazing places to check out on Earth!

And when I say amazing, I don’t mean man-made amazing as in constructed and set up on the planet by the mighty hands of humans. And so while there are a lot many posts out there, revelling on the world’s top ten wonders and the world’s amazing cities to visit and the world’s most happening places to travel to, this one is not going down those roads either!
Rather ‘amazing’ here refers to the truly amazing, absolutely stunning beauty that planet Earth secretly boasts of in the hidden nooks of its ravishing sphere!

Yes, you got it right!!

The raw beauty of the Earth in all its spectacular grandiosity truly holds magical sights for the appreciative eye – and here compiled is a list of 10 most fascinating destinations that Earth has so preciously borne and offered for us to delight in!

While some of them are easily accessible to marvel upon, some of them are a journey in themselves – the exotic variety, stunning beauty, inspiring forms and the unparalleled natural feel of these distant spots of wonder will truly leave you in awe. My research on them has truly left me with vivid dreams of visiting quite a few on the list – so here goes!

(Talking about dreams, don’t forget to check out ‘D' at for a deep inspiration on making your dreams come true! J) And for that matter of fact, do indulge on a little more of your precious time giving yourself a little treat by reading it 'C', 'B' and 'A' as well.... And please do follow, to keep me company till Z and beyond! Would love to hear more from you! :D 

The descriptions here are minimalistic, as it was highly amusing for me to describe the magnificence that the Earth beholds, in the inadequate vocabulary that I possess, and selecting the pictures from the absolutely spectacular collection on the Internet was another task in itself – and an extremely tough one too! So while the talk remains limited, my heart wishes that these mere glimpses of rich splendour ignite within you a little spark of wonderment – urging you to revel in the transcendence of our dear planet, the Earth.

(In no particular favoured order).....

Earth’s Amazing Destination #1 – Redwood Trees more than 2000 years old
Remember ‘Ents’ of The Lord of the Rings – Hobbits, Merry and Pippin, dangling on those huge tree-folk?! Or ‘Groot’ from Gaurdians of the Galaxy?! Well these redwood trees of California must have surely been the source of inspiration behind these characters of strength, longevity and compassion. These redwoods are believed to be about 500 feet tall and aged beyond 2000 years, still going strong to bear the burdens – literally!

The Redwood Trees of California - huge enough to allow cars to pass through

Earth’s Amazing Destination #2 – Pools of Travertine that sparkle and shine
This natural hot spring site in southwest Turkey is a one of its kind mineral bath spa. Famous by the name of ‘Pamukkale’ which means ‘Cotton Castle’ in Turkish – the terrace formations are an absolutely stunning place to see! This place seems to have come out of a Disney book – just imagine Cinderella walking down those sparkling water steps in her sparkling glass slippers.... Beauty galore!

The Pamukkale Springs - A surreal water stair case

Earth’s Amazing Destination #3 – The Island of Bliss; Socotra
Derived from the Sanskrit word, ‘sukhadara’ meaning ‘supporting, or providing bliss’ this island is also known as ‘The Pearl of the Indian Ocean’. And one jewel it is! With more than a third of its plant species being exclusive and found nowhere else, Socotra offers the eyes plenty to feast upon! The mind boggling flora and fauna has given way to honorary names of the rare species present here – Dragon’s Blood Tree and The Golden Winged Grosbeak if you must be inquisitive, rightfully earning the title as ‘The most Alien-looking place on Earth’...

The Island of Happiness - Sukhadara

Earth’s Amazing Destination #4 – The Great Reef; Bringing Colours to Life
Spread across 2300 kms, like a barrier over the north eastern shoulder of Australia, the Great Reef is the largest living structure on Earth. Yes, you read it right! The largest living structure on Earth!!! This expanse comprising of the most exotic colours on the planet is a plethora of corals and harbours a rich diversity of life – turtles, dolphins, whales, crocodiles, seahorse, pipefish and even sharks! No doubt, Finding Nemo is not as easy as child’s play! ;)

The worlds largest living being - The great Great Barrier Reef

Earth’s Amazing Destination #5 – The Arctic Circle
Whether it is to marvel at the spectacular light show by nature – the Aurora, or whether it is to enjoy the snow tree puppets, or the absolutely stunning ice formations amidst the water blues, the Arctic is one bovine expanse of mystery and fascination. Here ‘Chilling Out’ means exactly what it is meant to be but more so in a totally cool manner!

The Aurora at the Arctic Circle - Like magic in the sky

Earth’s Amazing Destination #6 – The Landscape Cliffs
No my friend, this is not a landscape piece of art! This is the true beauty of nature at its peak (Again, literally from atop the peak of the cliffs!) – An absolutely breathtaking scenic inspiration! The place is so magically transforming that surely any muggle would feel no less than the greatest sorcerer on Earth! Loyal to its unwavering grace, the cliffs look flawless in all shades and hues – no wonder they have been the sight of multiple cinematic shoots..... 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' ring a bell?!!

Cliff of Moher, Ireland - Scenic inspiration beyond imagination

Earth’s Amazing Destination #7 – The Canyon of Red Painted Faces
Technically not a canyon, the Bryce Canyon in south-western Utah, United States is another spectacular sight to behold. Woohoo to the ‘hoodoos’ – the distinctive geological structures scattered across in shades of red, orange and white. The tricolored rugged terrains painted as if by the hands of an exquisite artist offer many with intriguing viewpoints and are home to a rich biodiversity, surely deeming this destination as an eclectic amphitheatre of sorts.

Amphitheatre hoodoos at the Bryce Canyon Park, US

Earth’s Amazing Destination #8 – Green hills and Misty points
Think of hills and what comes to mind is generally the image of brown, rustic mounds of stone and pebble, but not here at 'God’s Own Country' – Munnar hills in Kerala are one of the most lavishly bred green belt on Earth. With endless tea plantations, the hills seem to have been adorned with a lush green carpet. Travelling through their curves, the hills are like one gigantic garden offering you the most peaceful and relaxing moments of pure joy, no wonder it is has been observed – if there is heaven on Earth, then this is it!

Hubby and Me in God's Own Country - Kerala

Earth’s Amazing Destination #9 – Paradise of Flowers
A flower haven in all seasons, the Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan is truly a dream destination... While the 'Great Wisteria' is sure to enchant you with its magnificent beauty at day, its mystery at night will enlighten you to another world! The Tree of Souls from the movie Avatar would be jealous of the splendid life emanating here – a heart expanding spectacle to experience for sure! Surrounded by flowers through all seasons, one is bound to be absorbed by the miraculous feeling of ‘happiness without reasons’!

Happiness in all seasons - The Great Wisteria at Ashikaga, Japan

Earth’s Amazing Destination #10 – Mirror, Mirror on the floor
The world’s largest salt flat in southwest Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni – ‘Enclosure of salt flat’ is the largest and perhaps the only truly natural mirror of the Earth. Believed to be a remnant of multiple prehistoric lakes, today the Salar is a surprising flat bed of white salt covered by a thin film of brine – accounting for 50-70% of the world’s lithium. But this rich source amazes beyond all that energy – The Salar offers a truly reflective surface, mirroring the ever changing skies and bedazzling the viewer with nothing but merely the beauty of being alive.

Mirror, mirror on the floor - Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Magnifique, ain’t it?! My search for pictures of these ten places set me wandering to distant places, well figuratively indeed! And many a times I had to get a grip on my dreamy wanderings and come back...
Some of the places left me absolutely stunned while some of them left me with a strange emptiness – and I found myself surfing through gorgeous destinations, craving for more and more...

Such is the beauty of the Earth, only if we wish to see and explore it in its raw demeanour.

So here’s wishing – May a little spark within you give rise to a burning desire to seek out the unknown, learn the untold and understand the hidden. May life give you opportunities to travel and absorb the many faces of existence that the Earth guards do preciously.

May you be blessed with the unrest of seeking out deep inspiration from our dear planet, the Earth.

Lets live it up with a little more fillip @ Life720!!