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Tuesday, 16 February 2016


So, coming back to the series that I absolutely do intend to complete.... :D

D is for those magical moments that we all invariable live through.... Whether we want to or not, sometimes happy and sometimes not so haapy, some short and some really loooooong ones...

Dreams we have... And dreamers are we all...

While psychologists are yet to baffle the scientific details as to why we dream and how dreaming is important for us, there are millionzzzz and billionzzzz of interpretations of the signs and symbols that pop up in our dreams. Whether or not these interpretations hold true, is hard to say but we all do love to dream a little now and then. Hidden manifestations of desires, unfulfilled aspirations, fears of the future, regrets of the past, seeds of change, sparkle of magic - we are yet to fully comprehend the reality behind dreams. And it might take us quite a long time to do so, at least in reality... (Lot of round and round between reality and dreams there!)

So while scientists try to find out the reasoning behind these 'sleeping but awake moments' of ours, here's a collection of what I would say are one of the best quotes on dreams - not just to read by, rather dream by! ;)

Dreamy Quote #1

"Hold on to dreams tight and learn to fly,
They'll help you sail like a kite in the sky"

Dreamy Quote #2

"Free your mind of doubt and fears,
Dreams teach you to smile through tears"

Dreamy Quote #3

"Listen to what your soul wants to say,
 Dream on and let the magical music play"

Dreamy Quote #4

"Be brave, stand tall, have faith and smile,
Your dreams will become reality mile after mile"

Dreamy Quote #5

"Big dreams open the door to an exciting journey,
Waking up and taking the path is the only key"

Dreamy Quote #6

"Grow in reality with each passing day,
Dream each night of things that may"

Dreamy Quote #7

"Making it happen requires much effort,
Dream for the stars, you'll not land up with dirt"

Dreamy Quote #8

"Dreams guide us on - hidden passions they ignite,
Eyes closed or open, they stay along morning and night"

Dreamy Quote #9

"Follow your dream, make it come true,
Find your answers - rejoice a new you"

Dreamy Quote #10

"Of all the happiness in the bright mind of creativity,
There's nothing like a dream that is now reality"

Well! Well! Well!

Those great quotes by their amazing authors have surely inspired me tremendously today - dreams are not merely to dream by for sure! They are to live up to, to fulfil, to make it come true and sparkle up that magical reality called Life

So while you go on and get inspired to catch up some more dreams and then actually work with the strength of the entire universe to get those dreams converted to reality, I'd love to send out a silent wish to bless that dream of yours.

And even when time seems to be at a standstill, and things do not seem to be working in your way - remember, there is someone out there who wishes the very best for you and hopes that all the goodness in the world may come your way... 

Smile....  Yes, this absolutely lovely smile of yours! :) Smile, have faith, be strong and hold on.... Your dream is going to become a reality and all the battles will be won!!! 

:) :) :) :)

Here's wishing your dreams come true my dear friend..... Let's dream a little more and Live it up a lot more @ Life 720! ;)