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Saturday, 30 January 2016


With the really long span of time that I've taken to come back for this next blog, B should surely stand for 'Busy' (And true that it is one common thing that most of us face in life - Everyone a busy bee, no one can be seen as free!) but this is NOT what the B is going to be about today....

"They come in all sizes, although the shapes are usually the same
 Whispering secrets, declaring history, while some play an intriguing game
Rich in knowledge, treasury of insight, the are always ready to share
Pick up one and life will change; no time to stand and stare!"

Let me just make it simpler - Books!!!

Endless pages of letters in different fonts and sizes... Each one with a different story to share... Some are filled with rosy love, while some talk about timeless wars. Some reveal the secrets of a being while some let loose the ingredients on how to make a dish better, while some others simply talk about how to make yourself better! The more the people we have on Earth, the more perspectives we have to share and the more books we have to enjoy! :)
Books are truly one of the best friends one can make, and so here's putting down ten reasons why a book makes for a great friend in your life....!

Reason #1 - Books are always there, no matter what!
Whether its 2 am at night or 5 am in the morning, a book will never mind you picking it up and wanting to spend some lone time with it - no questions asked.

Reason #2 - Easy to find!
While true and honest friends may be difficult to find in today's times, a good book worth spending time on is easy to find and easier to retain.. ;)

Reason #3 - Loads to share and learn!
It is often said that people inspire you or drain you - pick them wisely! But you can carelessly toss away this precaution when it comes to choosing a book! No matter which you pick, there'll definitely be something to learn and share.

Reason #4 - Rich source of advice!
While friends are always there to seek advice in times of need, but just in case none of your buddies are able to help you through the storm - worry not - The right book is just round the corner! All you need to know is where to find it and the answer to your problem hidden in those pages will find you.
Reason #5 - Don't mind sharing space!
Friends often become jealous of the other buddies that may encroach upon their time and space, but these little bundles of bound sheets are more than happy to fill up every nook and corner with more of themselves - no jealousy at all!

Reason #6 - Can wait forever!
You pick up a little darling at a stall one fine day, and then get so busy living the super demanding hot shot life of yours that you completely forget about the new friend of yours - no matter! Look deep into your closet and it'll still be waiting patiently for you to cuddle it up into your hands - no grudges whatsoever!

Reason #7 - Make you richer!
Yup! The more you have, the more you learn.... The more you learn, the richer you get! (Now please!!! Did you seriously think I was talking about money?!)

Reason #8 - Best coffee buddy!
No one to take along for a hot cuppa this evening? Simply grab a book and you'll be amazed how time flies!

Reason #9 - Intoxicating fragrance!
I remember once reading somewhere that the fragrance of books in a library should be bottled up and sold - it would really mint a lot of money cause the fragrance is truly intoxicating! Maybe insignificant but yet another reason to carry a book along.

Reason #10 - Refine and Redefine!
Finding a good friend in a book truly changes your life forever - it refines and redefines! :)

As they say 'Books are a man's best friend' and I totally agree! So next time life offers you a chance to make a new friend, why not try a book and change bit by bit, deep within? :D

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Tuesday, 12 January 2016


Beginning with the A-Z series of ubiquitous things around us, the first letter in the Alphabet ‘A’. And what is to be found more commonly starting with the letter ‘A’.....

“Owners of dreams as large as mountains, yet tiny specks on this majestic Earth
Forward we believe, together we achieve – each step gaining rich human mirth”

Yup! You guessed it right –
Ants are by far the most common living creature that all of us come across quite regularly in the span of our lives – or rather should I say even after life, cause these little insects, so comfortable thriving in graveyards are proudly responsible for decomposing our human bodies while we peacefully rest in peace. Mostly considered as pests, we humans have little tolerance to their existence within our spheres of comfort and we look upon every chance to wipe them out of our vicinity. However annoying might their unwanted presence be, it is surprising to know that most of the ant species simply live with the desire to share our food – and just a miniscule if you may! But there are a few villain ants who aim for sadistic pleasure – biting, and stinging and injecting venom into their targeted victims! Of these ants – you better beware!
Yet no matter how small they may appear, or how absolutely insignificant their existence might seem, there is a lot to learn from this tiny yet mighty insect – the *Ant*! So, while the internet is full of fun facts and amazing things that we can learn from ants, here’s a set of 10 totally cool facts about a little insect with big powersthe biggest being its ability to inspire us into becoming better humans! 

Fact #1
The tiny crazily running about insect in your kitchen seems to live by the motto – Why waste time?! A little ant never sleeps in its entire lifetime – much inspiration for sleep addicts to get up and *Carpe Diem* :D

Fact #2

While technically that would mean becoming Mr. Hulk and being able to lift a car, that is not exactly the inspiration. The ant believes and all the required strength comes from within – humans need to so learn this attitude - *Can do it, Will do it!*

Fact #3

Ants are*socially responsible* towards their community – when they find something to eat, rather than just gulping it down their own throat, they send out signals to call the others. Their concern for each other’s survival is so supreme that they have an extra stomach just to feed another hungry ant! Now if we humans were so considerate and cooperative in our living, then the world would be a different place altogether!

Fact #4

Talk about the upsurge for *gender equality*, lo and behold! Here is an entire species thriving on the existence of its females; all workers and soldiers as well as the queen being the descendent of Eve. Who says the world is a place for men?! Ladies, let’s show the world what we can do!

Fact #5

Barring the frozen ice sheets of Antarctica, these less than a centimetre insect can be found all over the world. Inspiration to humans? Well no, Alexander took the wrong note here – its not about conquering all continents, rather exploring and enjoying the ravishing beauty that every part of this *exquisite planet* has to offer.

Fact #6

One look at the intricately designed and meticulously organized colonies and any architect would feel belittled. Ants truly believe - *Team work makes the dream work* and trusting each other completely, they work tirelessly towards creating one of the most awe-inspiring structures for their living.

Fact #7

And so none of them actually speak! That surely gives a big insight on the importance of communication without words – *Body Language* if it must be termed. While it is factually believed that the verbal component accounts for a mere 7% towards successful human conversation, the success of ant-ly coordination in the complete absence of hearing and talking seals the supremacy of body language in conveying the message across. Sir, mind that frown please!

Fact #8

*Size does not matter!* If at all a species is bound to take over the Earth after the humans – it’ll be the ants. They outnumber us completely, farm other species like us humans, plan and coordinate extensively, and to top it all can completely hide in the smallest of crooks and corners! No wonder the latest addition in the long list of superheroes had to be none other than The ANT MAN!

Fact #9

Mr. Grasshopper would love to put in a comment or so here! Ants work in the present considering the contingencies that the future might pose. A big lesson that we might learn to best avoid troubles ahead – planning for the future is essential and the ants know it right!

Fact #10

Place a finger in an ant’s path, and it will instantaneously try and scurry around it... Keep interfering in the little one’s path for as long as you have the time to idle away, but the energetic giant of a *Never say never* attitude will truly never quit. We can surely take a lot from this last one here – *No  matter what the world says, no matter where the road takes... The believer has faith and never says die, and that’s how all it makes*

Super duper cool, isn’t it?! No wonder its true - *All big things come in small packages*! The Ant sure has a lot to offer for learning, after all, as they say ...
Just to add in here, I’d love to mention – *Antz* , a great flick to catch up while this post gives you food for thought.
After all every ant has its day.... Way to go, Ant-Zee! ;)

So that's the 'A' and if you watch the movie then Zee as well... :D

Be back soon with the next ubiquitous thing in life starting with B.
Till then keep flashing that lovely smile of yours....! :)
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***** Ciao, Amigos! *****

Friday, 8 January 2016


Greetings from the latest recruit of on line web services! Don't get confused - I have not been hired by anyone to write up here, just that it feels really new to be doing this, but nevertheless here I am, this is Me...!! :D
Really excited to pen down or rather lets say type in some beautiful thoughts that life brings forth... Yes, Life and Everything Else is going to be all about the goodness that we have all around us - whoooooosh 360 degrees and then whoooooosh, 360 degrees back again! So that's it - Life in totality - once and then back again twice - Life720! :D
So in case you're searching for some kind of positivity around you, I know there will be tons of places where you can find it... But here at Life720, you'll not have to search to hard! And as they say 'Happiness is like a butterfly - keep running after it, and it evades you but just stand still for a moment and ting! It'll come and land on your little nose! So, here's a New Year gift to all those whom I can reach out - The Happiness Butterfly @ Life720...  Each of the posts here would be aimed at adding some positive value to your already super duper positive life... At times situations are so blatantly full of amazing knowledge and positive energy, that it's really hard to imagine why we would miss out on the obvious goodness surrounding us, but caught up in all the  mundane activities that surround our daily existence, we do tend to lose touch with the simple beauty of living life to the fullest. Life720 is an attempt to rekindle the passion for positive learning within myself as well as an opportunity for those whom I may touch to enjoy the magic of living. Big thing to say, huh?! But just one look around me, and my heart cringes to see most of the people around me simply grinding away each precious day into the past - accomplishing merely the satisfaction of struggling through yet another tiring day. Life720 is an attempt to change this very stance. It is an attempt to make every day count - maybe just a tiny wee bit, but it'll definitely add a little more magic, a little more spark, a little more fairy dust to slowly but surely transform a mundane existence to a magical phenomenon called LIFE

And then there's Everything Else to... ;) 

So welcome aboard the year's most fabulous roller coaster blog on all things beautiful that life has to offer us. Whoooa! That killer smile of yours really took my breath away! ;) You and I are gonna make that smile last for long, dear friend.... and that's my word! Here's hoping that we can imbibe as much positivity as we can while we're still alive - lets live it up, folks! Once and then back again - Welcome to Life720
The Beginning to this lovely journey of ours is going to be a series of 26 posts covering the A to Z of the very general things that surround us in life, but with a twist! The posts will start with something starting from A, the next one will be something starting from B, the next from C and yupsie dupsie you get the idea, my super intelligent buddy! :D To add some spark, each post is not going to be just another post rather a new perspective that is sure to offer something new - some little magic to pass along as we travel!

So, lets begin the walk and make it one to remember.... <3 :)

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Happy New Year

New year, New hopes, New aspirations, New dreams and New Resolutions...!!
With the dawn of every New Year comes forth a chance to start afresh, to forget what has gone by in the previous year, to rekindle a fresh fire and to move on with newly released vigour and passion. But isn't each new day equally important as a new year..  Afterall who decides when the time is right? Is it today and tomorrow that counts or the joy and sorry that has been impregnated into time. Borrowing from Robert Frost - It Goes On. Life never pauses, but continues to unfold its lovely petals revealing a little magic every day... And thus, every day is a new day, a new beginning, a new hope, a new success!
So here's beginning a new day - aiming at perfection, striving to target the eye. 
*Hakuna Matata*