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Monday, 15 February 2016

Change! The only thing constant...

Well, life doesn't necessarily have to be all structured.... So, here's breaking the monotony of the A-Z series and simply pondering over small things that come across in life.
For instance, this very thought that events in life do not necessarily all happen in a sequence... starting A, then B, and then C and so on... Sometimes, the letters, or rather the events get a bit jumbled up and all for good! :)
So sequencing is not necessarily a norm that we need to follow... Sometimes, it feels weird to know that most of the people in reality 'do' follow a specified sequence in their life activities. Well, up till the time our actions are more or less dominated by our parents, like school time and all, I understand. But what about when we're adults? I mean, why does it necessarily have to be college after school and then immediately a job after college, and then as soon as you think you're on the brink of settling then marriage, and getting married is like the key to open the door to parenthood - just like that! Instantaneously! 
Why doesn't any one take out time to relax a little in all this running, while time with all its life is quietly passing away... Why not just stop and stare at what we've done till now... Why not add a little spark and fun at each stage, rather than just running through all the phases like a marathon.. Only this race ends at the death bed for many! 
After all, life is so short and there's so much new to do each day - the usual, the sequential is being done by everyone all the time around the globe. But when I sleep at night, I wish I have something new to dream of doing the next day and when I wake up, I pray I have the strength to pursue it and divine grace to make my dreams come true. That's the kind of constant that really brings about a change....!:)

So my dear friend, what new have you done recently! If you have to think really hard to answer that question, guess it's time to set fire to the calcium in those bones and add some spark in life!
After all, life is everything and more, so lets Live it up more @ Life720..... ;)