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Friday, 8 January 2016


Greetings from the latest recruit of on line web services! Don't get confused - I have not been hired by anyone to write up here, just that it feels really new to be doing this, but nevertheless here I am, this is Me...!! :D
Really excited to pen down or rather lets say type in some beautiful thoughts that life brings forth... Yes, Life and Everything Else is going to be all about the goodness that we have all around us - whoooooosh 360 degrees and then whoooooosh, 360 degrees back again! So that's it - Life in totality - once and then back again twice - Life720! :D
So in case you're searching for some kind of positivity around you, I know there will be tons of places where you can find it... But here at Life720, you'll not have to search to hard! And as they say 'Happiness is like a butterfly - keep running after it, and it evades you but just stand still for a moment and ting! It'll come and land on your little nose! So, here's a New Year gift to all those whom I can reach out - The Happiness Butterfly @ Life720...  Each of the posts here would be aimed at adding some positive value to your already super duper positive life... At times situations are so blatantly full of amazing knowledge and positive energy, that it's really hard to imagine why we would miss out on the obvious goodness surrounding us, but caught up in all the  mundane activities that surround our daily existence, we do tend to lose touch with the simple beauty of living life to the fullest. Life720 is an attempt to rekindle the passion for positive learning within myself as well as an opportunity for those whom I may touch to enjoy the magic of living. Big thing to say, huh?! But just one look around me, and my heart cringes to see most of the people around me simply grinding away each precious day into the past - accomplishing merely the satisfaction of struggling through yet another tiring day. Life720 is an attempt to change this very stance. It is an attempt to make every day count - maybe just a tiny wee bit, but it'll definitely add a little more magic, a little more spark, a little more fairy dust to slowly but surely transform a mundane existence to a magical phenomenon called LIFE

And then there's Everything Else to... ;) 

So welcome aboard the year's most fabulous roller coaster blog on all things beautiful that life has to offer us. Whoooa! That killer smile of yours really took my breath away! ;) You and I are gonna make that smile last for long, dear friend.... and that's my word! Here's hoping that we can imbibe as much positivity as we can while we're still alive - lets live it up, folks! Once and then back again - Welcome to Life720
The Beginning to this lovely journey of ours is going to be a series of 26 posts covering the A to Z of the very general things that surround us in life, but with a twist! The posts will start with something starting from A, the next one will be something starting from B, the next from C and yupsie dupsie you get the idea, my super intelligent buddy! :D To add some spark, each post is not going to be just another post rather a new perspective that is sure to offer something new - some little magic to pass along as we travel!

So, lets begin the walk and make it one to remember.... <3 :)